The 5 things that your goods forwarder MUST do for you!

The 5 things that your goods forwarder MUST do for you!

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The costs and complexities of exporting and importing are ever increasing and there is no indication that it is going to change any time soon. There may be the odd trade agreement that may make things easier but generally there are an increasing amount of rules and regulations imposed on the importer and exporter as time goes by.

The complexities and areas of uncertainty are numerous. There was for example the Zimbabwe CBCA cargo inspection requirement, where no one knew whether if it was on yet or not. The SADC agreement, the Trade agreement with the European Union, and so much more, especially in African countries.

Who is going to make sense of the laws and rules of the supply chain? Who is going to assist the importer and exporter to find the way in the ever increasing forest of trade laws and regulations?

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Your forwarder, Novotrans!

Here are but a few examples of what we, your logistics partner, are able to do for you:

1. Finding new markets

Are you on the lookout for customers for your products that you want to export? Or are you looking for new suppliers outside of South Africa? Your forwarder should be able to assist.

By being member of WPA, an international quality network with representatives in over 100 countries, Novotrans can, and has in the past found possible new clients and suppliers for our customers.

2. Advise about regulations in other countries

As mentioned above there is an endless list of ever changing rules and regulations when it comes to foreign trade. Who better to ask than the company you are using for the transport of your goods? If they have the necessary international network that is.

At Novotrans, if we do not have the required information on hand straight away, we will certainly get it for you in a very short period of time.

3. Tracking of your cross border consignments

Whereas it is “easy” to load a vehicle with cargo and send it to a destination as far north as the DRC or Tanzania, what about the tracking of the vehicle and keeping the customer informed about the status of his shipment? Regular tracking updates are a vital part of the forwarding process into neighbouring countries and is provided by Novotrans.

4. What Incoterms® to use

Which Incoterms® are the best to use for which country? Which Incoterms® for imports and which ones for exports? We take the time to sit down with you and advise you on the best terms to use for your specific trade lane and requirements.

5. Insurance

Novotrans is able to cover transport insurance for you and advise you on the value to be insured, as well as the best cover. Did you know that he is not allowed to add a hidden profit on top of the insurance premium?