Do You Need Access to a Global Network?

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Yes you do, if you want to be in control of your forwarding requirements. Leaving the transport arrangements to your foreign customer if you are exporting or your foreign supplier if you are an importer leaves you wide open to their discretion with can more often than not be to your detriment.

More often than not the South African importer or exporter has a customs clearing agent who does not take control of the actual forwarding of the goods, which may cause delays and additional cost that are most of the time avoidable if a hands on forwarding and customs clearing like Novotrans agent who is able to offer the complete door to door service is chosen.

Are you an importer?

If so, it may well pay you to take control of your forwarding from the factory of your supplier and if not that, at least from port/airport of origin. In order to do that you need a partner in South Africa with the right connections. Someone who will give you a regular update of your consignment from the moment we take care of your valuable goods. Novotrans will make sure that the correct documentation is received in time for a pre-clearance through customs.

You may even want to come to us for sourcing specific goods in a foreign country.

Are you an exporter?

Should you be an exporter of goods from South Africa you would not want to leave the decision of forwarder up to your foreign customer. Why?

Firstly SARS stipulated that, in order to issue a “zero rates tax invoice”, you need to show freight charges on it. SARS may even go so far as to ask for proof of payment of this freight amount to a South African forwarder. So, why price yourselves out of the market by having to charge VAT?

Furthermore are you sure of the import requirements in the country of destination? Many countries have very specific import regulations that need to be followed to ascertain that your customer has smooth access to his goods upon arrival. To find out what these requirements are, and if you are a Novotrans customer, contact us and we will inform you through our global network of what you need to know.

Does your customer require you to deliver to site? Contact us for a complete door to door quotation through our global network of.

Using our worldwide network you may also want to contact Novotrans for so called triangular shipments, where you are selling a product that is actually shipped from outside South Africa to your client in a third country. You may want neutralisation of your cargo and that your suppliers invoices and documentation are not seen by your customer, but yours.

All that and more is possible through Novotrans and its global network.

Call or e-mail us for a no obligation chat to find the best possible transport solution for you and your company. We will gladly visit you in your offices at a time convenient to you. If you enjoyed the tips in this article, click on the Facebook image below to share it with your friends.

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