The success of Novotrans is based on the consistent commitment and skills of our people. We are proud of this multi-faceted group of individuals who, with all of their respective strengths, go above and beyond for their clients. From a friendly and helpful greeting at the switchboard, all the way to the almost 40 years’ experience our Managing Director offers. It all comes full circle, in every department, where we never cut back on expertise and enthusiasm.

International Freight:

Novotrans Freight Forwarding

Gideon Pieterse

Meet our International Freight Manager Gideon Pieterse. He has been working at Novotrans for almost 8 years and thoroughly enjoys going the extra mile for the customer to meet all of their requirements and more. In his free time Gideon collects toy models and is quite the handy man, ready to build and fix things.

Road Freight:

Novotrans Freight Forwarding

Dirk Schöttler

Meet our Managing Director, Dirk Schöttler. He founded Novotrans back in 1994 and has always had a passion for forwarding. He is fascinated by the diversity that the forwarding world offers with no two consignments being the same, as well as the direct contact that he has with every client he works with. Dirk is also an avid wildlife enthusiast in his spare time.

Novotrans Freight Forwarding

Fidelis Murubi

Meet our Route Manager, Fidelis Murubi. Fidelis has been with Novotrans for 5 years and thoroughly enjoys it when he can make a customer’s day by exceeding their expectations. Besides having a knack of fixing things, Fidelis enjoys stepping into the shoes of a Formula1 racer by playing the game on his Xbox.

Warehouse Team:

Novotrans Freight Forwarding

Douglas Skade

Meet our Warehouse Manager Douglas Skade. Douglas joined Novotrans 18 years ago and thoroughly enjoys all the aspects of his job, especially making clients happy by taking extra good care of their cargo. When Douglas is not at work, he likes to relax, watch TV and go to church.

Novotrans Freight Forwarding

Alex Ramaleba

Meet our driver Alex Ramaleba. Alex has been a part of the Novotrans for an impressive 12 years and loves that the forwarding industry offers him the opportunity to meet new people every day. In his spare time Alex likes to relax and watch football.

Finance Team:

Novotrans Freight Forwarding

Rene Keyser

Meet our CFO René Keyser. René has been a part of the team since day one, marking this as her 24th year as part of the Novotrans family. What excites René the most about the forwarding industry, is that that there is never a dull moment and every day is sure to offer new challenges. In her spare time she likes to spend time with her family and even has quite the hidden talent: She is a qualified massage therapist!

Novotrans Freight Forwarding

Andri Krugel

Meet our Debtors and Creditors Controller Andri. She has been a part of the Novotrans Family for an impressive 12 years and is still fascinated by how the forwarding industry enables her to come in contact with all the different cultures from all around the world. In her spare time she enjoys camping with her family and has a knack for interior design.


Novotrans Freight Forwarding

Johanna Tshimomola

Meet our Receptionist and Office Assistant Johanna Tshimomola. Johanna started with Novotrans in 2007 and loves speaking to our clients. In her spare time she sings in her church choir and has the goal of climbing Table Mountain one day. Have you had the privileged of speaking to Johanna yet? If not, she is the kind voice that greets you when you call us on
011 392 5930.