How to save on transport charges without compromising on service

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Have you ever asked yourself how it is possible to save on your transport cost without “saving” on service delivery?

Here a few useful hints of how to go about it:

The first question to ask: “Do I have enough money to spend on cheap services?”

Whereas all of us are trying to save wherever we can and the rate of exchange of the Rand to all other major currencies certainly doesn’t make it any easier for any of us, saving at the wrong end may become much more expensive in the final analysis. It is like staying in a 5 star hotel but only wanting to pay two star rates, but still expecting the five star service. We all agree that this cannot work.

Choosing a Forwarder

Let’s have a look at what you are paying for when choosing a forwarder. You are not only paying the mere freight rates of a shipping line, an airline or a trucking company. You are also paying for the time, expertise and know-how of the personnel and the machinery behind the scenes that has to kick into action to get your consignment moving smoothly.

When you pick up the phone to call your forwarder, is the MD of the company available to speak to you at any time and, geographical distance permitting, is he available for you for a one to one meeting in your offices at your request to find and discuss the best way of transport?

Choosing a Carrier

Then there is the choice of carrier. Yes, there are cheap carriers around which may offer what looks like very attractive freight rates at first glance. But how reliable are they? What are their transit times like? Do the long distance hauliers that are used have a GIT (Goods In Transit) policy? Do all their vehicles have a working tracking system? Do the airlines used go via, via, via…?

All these questions and more considerations do have an effect on the transport price, but at the end, going for cheap rates, may prove to be fatal.

Through our extensive experience we have come across many a case where the wrong decision has led to money being lost. Money that none of us have to spare, especially in these hard economic times. Be it by trucks being hijacked and not found due to the lack of tracking systems, using an airline that has its hub somewhere in Africa where no-one has access, using a shipping line with the longer transit time, all in the name of saving a bit and getting cheaper transport charges.

Making the “wrong” decision, looking at the transport price only and not at the service that is provided by both forwarder and the recommended carriers may at the end increase your cost rather than saving money. Please contact us at any time to have a real look at your requirements and to find the solution perfect to you. Remember you are unique and so are your requirements. For all you know, there still may be a way to save money. It will all come out during a meeting where we do not only look at your transport rates, but so much more.

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