How do you know if you are using the right forwarder?

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There are many so called forwarders and logistics companies in the market offering their services. How can you make sure that you have the right forwarder on your side, and not someone who will drop you when you really need them?

  • Is it about size?
  • Is it about own offices globally?
  • Or is it may be about cheapest rates?
  • Is he looking out for business for you?

There are hundreds of Freight forwarders around. They come in all forms, shapes and sizes and specialising in different fields. We do not even want to go to the definition of a freight forwarder or logistics company as they are often referred to today. But let us take this opportunity to touch on what a freight forwarder is not. He is not a courier company which takes small parcels and envelopes around the world.

So lets see how to chose the best forwarder for you.

Is it about size?

As the saying goes: “every pot has its lid”. If you are an importer or exporter the size of a VW, Ford or Siemens it certainly is. If you are, however, a small to medium sized company needing to give good personalised service to your customers, it is precisely this good and personalised service that you need from your forwarder.

Ask yourself. Does the owner or Director of your forwarder come to you to discuss your concerns personally and to find the ideal transport solution for you? Does your company and your business matter a great deal to your forwarder and are you known as a person rather than a number?

Is it about having ones own offices globally?

Why should it be? Working with a big global organisation means nothing else than that this very big global organisation is forced to work through its own offices, taking flexibility away.

With Novotrans however we will work with the partners that best fit the description for your business. Being member of the WPA (Worldwide Partners Alliance), we do have 300 quality checked partners at our disposal globally in well over 100 countries. This enables us to chose the correct partner for your particular needs and we are not limited to our own in-house office.

Is it about the cheapest rates?

No it isnt!

Being the cheapest means nothing else than only being able to buy the cheapest services for the customer. Ask yourself, do you really have enough money do buy the cheapest goods or services?

Is he looking our for business for you?

Does the personnel and Management of your forwarder know your business and actively look out for business for you?

Or can you use your forwarder to find international suppliers or markets for your business?

You would be well advised to make use of an international partner who truly offers you a personalised service and who is trying to learn about your business to pass business your way.

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