Exporting to Angola – The Novotrans Alternative

Exporting to Angola – The Novotrans Alternative

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Whoever has exported goods to Angola before, maybe even on a regular basis, will know that the cost for import customs clearance, handling charges as well as storage and demurrage costs can potentially be very high. But there is a better way.

There are various reasons for the high costs. An example could be lengthy delays due to port authorities and, yes, may even be because of customs itself.

If one then adds up all these costs and charges, which had to be paid from the door of the seller, to the time the long-awaited goods finally arrive at the buyer’s door, the costs could be excessive.

Learn more about the solution in the video below:

In summary:

Through our network of partners, in this instance in Angola, we can offer a real alternative. A regular road freight consolidation service to the door of the buyer. We have even included the import customs clearance for you.

Let’s have a look at what we are offering in detail:

  • Checking of all documentation prior to departure, to avoid border delays.
  • Communication with the buyer of the goods, prior to departure through our partners in Angola. This also aids in facilitating a smooth transit.
  • Transit clearance through Namibia.
  • Import customs clearance into Angola.
  • Delivery to the door of the buyer.
  • And all that in a roughly 10-day transit time from the time the truck departs.

The initial pricing may seem to be more than you would pay for a sea freight shipment, but add all of the above up, door to door, and the picture looks quite different.