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We love abnormal loads!

Exciting times when we shipped an abnormal aircraft pallet loader from the port in Durban to Lusaka Airport in Zambia, via Zimbabwe. We did a customs supervision because the machine moved “in bond” through South Africa. It had to be transhipped from the container in Durban onto the vehicle to Zambia.

International Freight Forwarding

Novotrans has been offering exceptional International Freight Forwarding services and expertise since 1994. Our freight forwarding / logistics solutions include a wide variety of transport requirements – by road, by air and by sea.
No shipment is too large or too small and your needs are to be met in the best, most cost effective manner possible. We will help you make the best possible decision regarding your cargo, whether you need to import or export, via sea, road or airfreight.

Exporting to Angola with ease

International freight forwarding to Angola can result in very high cost due to import customs clearance, handling charges as well as storage and demurrage. Learn how to avoid such high costs in this brief video.


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